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Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board members help us in both technology development and business strategy.

Prof. David J. Beebe

David J. Beebe is the Claude Bernard ProfeScientific Advisory Boardssor of Biomedical Engineering, Co-Leader of the Tumor Microenvironment Program in the UW Carbone Cancer Center, and a John D. MacArthur Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He is the recipient of the IEEE EMBS Early Career Achievement Award, the Lab on a Chip, Royal Society of Chemistry/Corning, Pioneers of Miniaturization Prize, the Romnes Award and Byron Bird Award for Excellence in a Research Publication at UW-Madison and is a Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering. In addition, Dr. Beebe was a founding Scientific Editor of Integrative Biology. David’s current research interests center on the understanding and application of micro scale physical phenomena to understand cancer biology (e.g. stromal-epithelial and cell-matrix interactions), improve cancer diagnosis and monitoring and advance global disease diagnostics. His migration to more biological focused research was facilitated by an 5 year NIH “retraining” award in cancer biology.  He has published more than 225 archived journal articles with more than 25,000 citations (h-index of 72).  He has also co-founded several biotechnology companies. He has received over $30 million in funding (as PI) for his research from NIH, NSF, USDA, DARPA, DOD, DHS, ONR, Coulter Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Whitaker Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, EPA, WARF and the University of Wisconsin.

Scientific Advisory BoardProf. Abraham Lee

Abraham (Abe) P. Lee is the William J. Link Professor and Chair of the Biomedical Engineering (BME) Department with a courtesy appointment in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) at the University of California, Irvine.  He is the Director of the NSF I/UCRC “Center for Advanced Design & Manufacturing of Integrated Microfluidics” (CADMIM) and also was PI for the Micro/nano Fluidics Fundamentals Focus (MF3) Center, a DARPA-industry supported research center (2006-2013). 

Dr. Lee started his appointment as Editor-in-Chief for the Lab on a Chip journal in January 2017. Prior to joining UCI in 2002, Dr. Lee focuses on microfluidic platforms applied to point-of-care and molecular diagnostics, sample preparation and liquid biopsy, cell-like vesicles for theranostics, single cell processing and analysis, and vascularized organ-on-a-chips.  

He owns more than 40 issued US patents and has published more than 100 journal articles and awarded the 2009 Pioneers of Miniaturization Prize and is an elected fellow of the American Institute of and Medical and Biological Engineering and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 

Prof. Bingcheng Lin文化

Dr. Bingcheng Lin is the professor of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences (DICP, CAS) and the professor of Dalian University of Technology. He is also the Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK.

The research of Dr. Lin is focusing on microfluidics and its application, including chip and 3D bio print based mimic organ, point of care technology, and single cell analysis.

Prof. Lin is the author or co-author of around 350 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 7 books with Chinese, and 6 book or special issues with English, and the holder of several tens patents.

文化Dr. John Roche

John Roche has degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.   He spent the early part of his career developing medical devices and diagnostics instrumentation / assays, as a product development engineer with both large multinational corporations (i.e. Bayer, Abbott, IDEXX) and smaller startup companies.  In 2005, he established RBC Group as a medical device consulting group specializing in areas of Product Development engineering, Quality Management Systems and Regulatory Affairs.  John currently lives in San Francisco, CA USA and works with many local Bay Area medical device companies, as well as other organizations through the medical device industry.


Kilian Dill                                                                                                                               

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Kilian Dill is Vice President of Biochemistry at Multerra Bio in USA. 

He is a renowned expert with 40 years’experience in medical IVD, bio-sensors, biochemistry, immunoassays, and nanotechnology.  He received his Ph.D. in Chemical Biology from California Institute of Technology. 

He was a professor at Clemson University, before he held various senior management positions at Molecular Devices, CombiMatrix, Antara Bioscience, and  Stemgenics Inc.

He was a consultant for the US Environmental Protection Agency, Battelle Memorial Institute and the US Army Medical Research and Development Command. He received a National Research Council Senior Resident Award.

His most recent focus is on  nanopores and force spectroscopy via electronic detection.

Dr. Dill’s work has resulted in 5 patents. He has published about 130 peer-reviewed journal papers, books, and book chapters.








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