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    CNC machining is an effective way for prototyping at an early stage of the product development.
  • 发布时间: 2017 - 08 - 21
    Hochuen medical owns tens of injection molding machines focusing on medical related devices in class 10k clean room for large scale manufacturing.
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    Rotary die cutting is the most effective manufacturing method for low-cost disposable thin-film devices.
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    Hochuen Medical is capable of making fully integrated cartridges for IVD.
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Microfluidic Cartridge Manufacture Supplier

日期: 2021-06-01
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The microfluidic cartridge manufacture technology is sophisticated in Hochuen Medical. We can provide volume production and prototyping services at low cost.

Hocheun Medical undertakes Microfluidic Cartridge  Manufacture for a POC Diagnosis.

Hocheun Medical is involved in Microfluidic Cartridge  Manufacture, which is a point of care diagnostic tool. Cartridge-based microfluidic technology miniaturizes the fluid handling processes for genomic and proteomic analyses.


Point-of-care (POC) diagnostic tools are becoming popular in the healthcare system these days, owning to demographic shift and the need for achieving precise and quantitative results. Medical tests are often expensive and make healthcare difficult for many people, especially in rural areas. For ease of use, the POC devices have now become miniaturized.

Microfluidic Cartridge  Manufacture service is getting the popular these days as this is one of such cost-effective POC diagnostic tools, which are used for the diagnosis of various diseases, such as infectious and autoimmune diseases.

Microfluidic cartridges are shaped just like credit cards, and the testing equipment typically fits in the same area as the laptop. Such cartridges can be used to conduct various tests, such as blood samples, blood gases, drug screening, measuring hemoglobin, etc.

These Microfluidic Cartridge  Manufacture requires very small amounts of fluids to conduct the tests successfully within a very short span of time.

Microfluidic cartridges are small chips that are usually protected within plastic cartridges. These chips are composed of minute channels that function like capillaries. These channels are used to carry small amounts of body fluids, such as saliva or blood, to meet and interact with diagnostic reagents.


Microfluidic Cartridge  Manufactureat Hochuen Medical

We, at Hochuen Medical, offer Microfluidic Cartridges  Manufacture service for medical, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic purposes. These cartridges have applications in clinical chemistry, cell-based research, DNA analysis, and immunology. 

Microfluidic Cartridge  Manufacture makes use of different materials ranging from thermoplastic to elastomer. Our microfluidic cartridge technology aids clinical diagnosis to a large extent.

Components of the Microfluidic Cartridge  Manufacture system

Our Microfluidic Cartridge  Manufacture system is integrated with an electrochemical sensor and embedded controls and is capable of performing a number of genomic and proteomic analyses simultaneously. The complete system consists of:

·         a disposable microfluidic cartridge

·         an electrochemical sensor array

·         reagent storage and fluid handling components

The cartridge can interface with the sensing and control instrument by way of hydraulic and pneumatic manifolds, and data acquisition, and potentiostat circuits.

The reagents can be stored and fluids can be easily handled in this small microfluidic disposable cartridge, which measures 90mm x 48mm x 7.5 mm.







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