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Hochuen Medical is ready to assist you in large scale micro injection molding of medical related devices. Simply drop us your request and get a solution.

Micro Injection Molding: the state-of art-technology provided by Hochuen Medical for medical components

Hochuen Medical is one of the largest OEM/ODM manufacturing companies. We use the micro injection molding technology to produce tiny, complex, and cost effective medical components.

For us, at Hochuen Medical, microns are of utmost importance. These microns aid in building small and high precision components. Maintaining precision for small parts of medical equipment matters a lot because these parts go inside the body of people. Doctors and surgeons desire instruments that call for less invasive procedures to reduce the recovery time.

Micro molding provides an opportunity to create better minimally invasive, space-saving and tinier devices. Micro injection molding is a complex injection molding process, which makes drug delivery more convenient, less painful, and effective for patients.

Some of these devices may have contact with the body, implanted in the body, or may be used to deliver fluids into the body, such as IV tubing, implantable pacemakers, and IV needles.

Uses of Micro Injection Molding Technology

Some of the uses of micro molding technology involve:

  • Making components – like medical knobs, needles, dental instruments, medical enclosures.

  • Minimally invasive surgeries – like laparoscopy, colectomy, heart surgery, kidney transplant, etc.

  • Out-patient procedures – involving cataract surgery, dental restoration, burn excision, arthroscopy, etc.

  • Clubbed with advanced procedures – Micro injection molding technology is also clubbed with advanced equipment like optical imaging, robotic surgeries, computer processing.

Hochuen Medical – Premier in Micro Injection Molding

We, at Hochuen Medical, bring you highly sophisticated and precise medical equipment to help you diagnose and treat illness. The components that are typically used for micro injection molding processes are PE or polyethylene thermoplastic material, silicon, or metal powder.

We use durable and reliable medical-grade plastic materials to create these components. Being compliant with the FDA regulations, the usage of such materials is increasing.

Our micro injection molding process is cost-effective, suited for high volume production runs and applications that entail consistency and tight tolerances.

We accept the challenge to create geometrically complex components that fit into the arteries, catheters, or pumps. These components were in earlier times actually designed as two or more components. For micro-molding very small parts, we need to use miniature-sized molds and parts, like mold pins, tool parts, etc., which are a few thousands of an inch in diameter. Even the metals that we used in our molds tend to become very fragile. At the same time, our tools and molds ensure high quality and durability in these components.

The typical range of the weight of a micro molded parts is from one gram to less than 0.004 grams. The required tolerances may be tighter than 0.0001 inches or 2.54 microns.

Factors considered for making Micro Injection Molded devices

Micro injection molding involves the thermal way of changing forms to create very small, three-dimensional components which have smaller features and dimensional tolerances. It is definitely not just an altered version of macro molding. The materials behave very differently in the micro world, and require a high degree of expertise and technology.

While creating devices using micro injection molding technology, we, at Hochuen Medical, need to assess and evaluate various factors affecting the micro realm, like the ones listed below.

  • Optimizing velocity – Optimizing velocity for micro molding is very different and much more complex than macro molding. Therefore, we have to use our expertise and technology to optimize injection velocity in micro world to ensure robust process and maintain integrity.

  • Decoupled molding process – Unlike macro world, the gate freeze is nearly instantaneous in micro world. Therefore, parameters cannot be optimized on basis of something like gate freeze. The micro-molding process does not provide an operator with the data to determine those parameters in a conventional way.

Thus, a critical thought and analysis of micro-processes are needed to determine new ways to scientifically optimize those parameters so as to ensure the best material integrity and application.

  • Micro molding is not just a scaled-down version of macro molding. We address the challenge of optimizing the molding processes. In addition, each decision that is taken affects various aspects like part functionality, material morphology, degradation mechanics, and flow characteristics.

Contact Hochuen Medical for Micro Injection Molding

We are niche suppliers of medical devices made using micro injection molding technology. Contact us to avail more information regarding the technology. Our team of highly qualified and expert professionals is willing to assist you regarding sophisticated devices created through micro injection molding technology.

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Injection molding
Injection molding

Injection molding

Technical Introduction:

Hochuen medical owns tens of injection molding machines focusing on medical related devices in class 10k clean room for large scale manufacturing.

Technical Parameter:

High speed, high precision, can form complex shapes and details, excellent surface finish, high productivity.


Limited to thin-walled parts, high tool and equipment costs


Microfluidic chip; Precision injection

Usecase Analysis:

Hochuen medical owns tens of injection molding machines focusing on medical related devices in class 10k clean room for large scale manufacturing.

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