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Hochuen Medical is a FDA registered supplier in molecular diagnostics and other medical devices. The company provides services from designing to packaging.


Hochuen has been producing different assortments of tools, devices and instruments in the medical field. Considered one of the most efficient manufacturers in the realm of IVD, Hochuen also producestools used in Molecular Diagnostics. Their contribution is noteworthy because of their innovative way of manufacturing these tools. Molecular Diagnostics require complicated techniques and instruments. Hochuen doesn't waste any effort produce such devices.

Developing Research Tools

The importance of the reliability of tools cannot be overestimated when it comes to Molecular Diagnostics. Procuring accurate typographies of genetic codes and implementing the right action requires complex instruments. Hochuen has years of experience in developing such machines. They strive to reach technological feats. They already have designed and produced innovative tools. They can even use these tools themselves to produce much more complicated and valuable instruments that can be used in Molecular Diagnostics. Some examples may include producing electrode labels through silkscreen printing, laser welding and cutting, integration of microfluidic cartridge with biosensors, etc.

Managing Risk of Diseases

Through their determination and expertise, Hochuen creates new ways to minimize the risk of fatal diseases or at least detect them at the earliest stage. Molecular Diagnostics are used in detecting and treating some of the most critical diseases known to mankind. Genetic disorders can lead to bodily dysfunctions, Cancer, and cardiovascular illnesses. To manage the development of such diseases, experts much first be able to detect them. If they are detected at an early stage, then they can be treated and cured with a higher success rate. The tools Hochuen produces have been proved to be one of the most proficient in this regard.

Delivering and Conserving Valuable Instruments

Not only does Hochuen has excellent production quality, but they also deliver them diligently. Manufacturing Molecular Diagnostics tools are only the first step. Making sure that the product reaches its destination safe and sound should be one of the top priorities. Hochuen realizes this ensures the safe deliverance and packaging of their products. Their conservation methods safeguard their instruments. Since Molecular Diagnostics necessitates the quality of instruments, any lax deliverance would be unacceptable.

Bringing Forth Promising Career Choices

Molecular Diagnostics is a complicated procedure that requires trained professionals of all sorts. Developing and designing the necessary tools require the expertise of many worthy individuals. Hochuen encourages innovation and recruits promising minds to make sure of it. So this could open up attractive opportunities for many capable people who are seeking a position in said field. This isn't limited to people with medical degrees;Hochuen also seeks potential engineers and technicians.

Providing Excellent Service

Hochuen facilitates remarkable technologies that guarantee their excellent service. The methods used in manufacturing the Molecular Diagnostics tools include integrating electrodes on microfluidic cartridges, electrochemical detection, and conduction, etc. They also efficiently make use of the resources they have so that they can produce and assemble the components with the least amount of cost. Their thorough analysis establishes the fact that they do not sacrifice the quality of their product in return for quantity.

Final Note

It's an established fact that Hochuen has made clever and innovative inventions in the past. They are consistently making use of the latest technology available and even developing their own original methods to secure their production quality. After all the experience they have gained, they are sure to be considered one of the most successful manufacturers in this field.

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Adhesive bonding
Adhesive bonding

Adhesive bonding

Technical Introduction:

Adhesive bonding is a flexible method to make a channel or even multiple layer structures with connected channel network.

Technical Parameter:

The bonding process requires no intermediate medium High bonding strength The chip has good light transmittance


Alcohol or grease intolerance


Chip bonding

Usecase Analysis:

Adhesive bonding is a flexible method to make a channel or even multiple layer structures with connected channel network. 

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