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The laser welding technique of Hochuen Medical is ideal for making channels that withstand relatively high pressure without the use of any adhesive. Quote now.

Laser Welding – An Innovative Technology In Manufacturing

As a medical device user, you will rarely be concerned about the technology used in the production. But, you must know about laser welding technology.

We use many tools and devices in our personal life and profession. But, we are hardly concerned about the technology used in the production. On the other hand, this should not be the case in medical device manufacturing. If you are in the healthcare profession and use a device, it would be better to know its technology. One such technology that medical device manufacturers use is laser welding technology. What is it, and how is it beneficial compared to other techniques? Read on to learn more:

What Is Laser Welding?

Laser welding is a technology used in medical device manufacturing. Not just in medical device manufacturing, this technology is used by manufacturers wherever precision is required. In the production of any product that needs the joining of metals, this technology is used. Not just metals, it is used in the joining of other materials, including plastic.

When this technology is employed, it joins two things by heating them using a laser. As it heats only the spot that should be joined with another spot, it provides spotless welding compared to other welding techniques. Of course, joints using blazing are possible with laser welding. But, you will be surprised to know one thing. Medical device manufacturers use it in products that need keyhole or penetration welds. In turn, the medical device manufacturers using this technology can achieve the best precision in their production.

How does it work?

When you take the laser welding process, the users direct a beam to the target material. Do you know one thing here? The beam will be more focused and amplified. It means that heat penetration becomes deep within a small zone that is heat affected. In turn, it creates a high depth-to-width ratio. Above all, you can even control the depth of the weld. This becomes possible by the different power output of the laser. Also, you can adjust the point of focus of the beam. Can you understand what it does? Yes, you have guessed it right! Achieving precision becomes highly possible.

Benefits of Laser Welding:

You will readily say that precision in medical device manufacturing is the most significant benefit of laser welding. Of course, you are right! But, it can do even more. In the field of medicine, you know that professionals use many smaller devices. The perfection in these devices becomes possible with laser welding technology.

How about another technology named resistance welding? This is a technology that is being used long. The problem with this technology is that it needs electrodes on each side of the weld. On the other hand, manufacturers can do laser welding from one side. It brings in the ability to create the weld from longer distances too. It means that the beam that this technology uses can make sure that welding can happen even in cramped areas.

With other technologies in welding, it will be hard to reach these small spaces. But, laser welding makes this possible. It even aids with the repairing of small medical components and devices. Most importantly, it can do the repairs without having to disassemble the devices. Even, it is possible to automate laser welding. Advanced manufacturers use robotic controllers. In turn, even more precision becomes possible.


At Hochuen Medical, we can satisfy our customers with the best medical devices made using laser welding technology. We are proud to use this technology to bring out the best products to our clients' utmost satisfaction.

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Laser welding
Laser welding

Laser welding

Technical Introduction:

Laser welding is suited for making channels without use of any adhesive. The channel can also withstand relatively high pressure.

Technical Parameter:

Power density, laser pulse waveform, laser pulse width, the effect of defocus on welding quality, welding speed


Electrodes are not required and there is no concern of contamination or damage to the electrodes.And because it does not belong to the contact welding process, the loss and deformation of the machine and tools can be reduced to the minimum;The required amount of heat input can be reduced to the minimum. The range of metallographic change in the heat-affected zone is small, and the deformation caused by heat conduction is also the lowest.


The equipment is expensive, and the welding position needs to be very precise, which must be within the focusing range of the laser beam.


Chip bonding

Usecase Analysis:

Laser welding is suited for making channels without use of any adhesive. The channel can also withstand relatively high pressure.

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