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In Hochuen Medical, we provide professional cartridge manufacturing for IVD.The company specialises in medical disposables and wearable medical products.

The Features And Functionality Of Fully Integrated For IVD Cartridges

Are you in search of cartridges for IVD? Get the best and fully integrated cartridges for IVD at Hochuen Medical.

Cartridges are quite essential machine components that are required in a wide range of industries and manufacturing units. In the design of the cartridges, the microfluidic plays one of the most vital roles. This intricate design of the cartridges is something that supports the development of the entire IVD system. In cartridges manufacturing, the three most critical factors are the ease of use, throughput, and cost per test. The best application of the fully integrated cartridges can be noticed in Point Of Care Testing - the cartridges are used as an intuitive user hardware interface. According to the expert manufacturers, it is revealed that the IVD systems not just provide integrated functioning of the cartridges but also offer various other advantages such as portability, low cost, automation, and “sample-to-answer” capability. All these benefits provided by the cartridge design are the essential factors that enable rapid, sensitive, and quantitative analyses of multiple targets.

How The Cartridges Design Takes Place Under The Manufacturing Units?

While developing the cartridges or manufacturing them, there are several steps that everyone must be aware of.

1. You Must Follow Up With The Identification Of The Risk In The Assembly Process:

In this cartridges manufacturing step, the manufacturers need to understand all the potential risks that may be involved during the assembly process of the cartridges. The potential risk would be defined based on the design aspect of the cartridges. Besides, you would also have to formulate strategies to mitigate those potential risks involved in the process.

2. Cartridges Manufacturing Helps In Reducing The Complexity Of The Trade:

If you glance through the cartridge's design holistically, you will get an idea of where to integrate the complexity and reduce it. With the reduction in complexity, it becomes easy for the clients to make the right decision.

3. The Cartridges Manufacturing Supports To Overcoming Wide Variety Of Technical Challenges.

The cartridges that are fully integrated for IVD are developed and manufactured in such a way that they provide support in bringing in innovative solutions and overcoming specific technical challenges.

4. Cartridges Manufacturing Will Enhance The Development Of The Cost Estimation:

The manufacturing of the cartridges follows the automation machining guidelines, which helps scaling-up the strategies and provides easy cost estimation. This cost estimation of fully integrated cartridges will formulate the strategies for balancing out the capital investment and forecast production demand.

5. Cartridges Manufacturing Happens At An Extremely Low Volume:

The manufacturing units such as Hochuen Medical can manufacture cartridges for IVD at a certain volume that provides support for high-volatility development stages.

What Are The Essential Features Of The Cartridges Manufactured For IVD?

●These cartridges are fully automated and pose a very integrated compacted analyzer.

●The cartridges are specifically designed for small and mid-sized laboratories, specific hospital settings, doctor clinics, and office (rural) labs.

●These cartridges are easy and convenient to operate. The menu is designed to offer speedy startup and minimum downtime.

●These cartridges are affordable, accurate, and are designed with precision.

●The cartridges manufacturing at Hochuen Medical are so perfect that they require minimum or no maintenance.

●In the cartridges, a smart card will be integrated along with the calibration.

●It has a perfect 16 reagent positions.

Hochuen Medical is considered one of the best and largest OEM/ODM manufacturers in IVD. The cartridges manufacturing at Hochuen Medical are of premium quality and designed with complete accuracy and precision. If you are looking out for the best cartridges for IVD, you can reach out to Hochuen Medical.

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Technical Introduction:

Hochuen Medical is capable of making fully integrated cartridges for IVD.

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One-stop integrated service


It needs to be built on mutual trust; Long development cycle



Usecase Analysis:

Hochuen Medical is capable of making fully integrated cartridges for IVD.

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Hochuen Medical is capable of making fully integrated cartridges for IVD.






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