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Hochuen Medical leads changes by providing quality POCT ODM/OEM service. Seize the market opportunity with the production of highly precise devices at low cost.


Houchen Medical is beginning to carve its name into the industry through its potential as POCT ODM and as a POCT OEM. Through their years of experience in this field, their every step has now become calculated and intricate. Creating new instruments is what Original Equipment Manufacturers do, whereas Original Design Manufacturers simply create new designs. Being both POCT ODM and a POCT OEM, they have acquired freedom and ingenuity in their means of production. Point of care testing needs to be carried out with professionalism and experience, both of which Hochuen has in abundance.

Using the Latest Technology

Point of care testing is a very intricate process in itself. They are widely used all over the world to conduct research. Their presence is most prominent during a widescale differentiation. Hochuen Medical is sufficiently facilitated as a POCT ODM and as a POCT OEM. They contribute much to the use of modern technology and devices in their facilities. They've produced on their own many assortments of items. Through their laser cutting and welding tech, they can manufacture more detailed products. It is noteworthy that their wide-range usage of the newest technology is what makes their products so unique. This attribute labels them as one of the most well-founded POCT ODM and POCT OEM at once.

Coming Up with New Designs

As a POCT ODM, Hochuen gives off the impression as one of the most inventive out there. By refurbishing the design of the mass-produced product, they provide seemingly brand new designs. After all, this is what Original Design Manufacturers essentially do. But Hochuen, being a POCT ODM, has completely exceeded previous expectations. Their contribution has improved the medical tech industry by a considerable amount. Even the functions of the products might seem similar across manufacturers; a clear distinction can be made. Hochuen Medical is making changes , not just as a POCT ODM, but also as a manufacturer of medical entities.

Inventing Reliable Equipment

Medical equipment made by Hochuen Medical is widely used and recognized. Even as a POCT OEM, they have established a fine name for themselves. One of the most advantageous parts of being a POCT OEM is that Hochuen can develop patents themselves and produce them. This factor grants them a great amount of creative freedom, which they use wisely. They are all sorts of equipment manufacturers out there, but not all of them can compete with Hochuen. Hochuen Medical has been vigorously improving from within as a POCT OEM and has even invented some medical entities themselves.

Striving Towards Innovation

Houchen Medical's strife for innovation cannot be more clear anywhere other than their overall production. As a POCT ODM,they have paved their into the manufacturing business through their diligence and potential. They have come up with newer and better designs for the previously known medical items . Even as a POCT OEM, they have wasted no effort in making a name for themselves. From wearable medical devices to high-precision laser tech, they are making noteworthy innovations in said field.

Final Note

There are very few manufacturers that are successful at being both a POCT ODM and a POCT OEM at the same time. Hochuen Medical truly sets an example for the present and upcoming manufacturers. And at the pace they are now, one can only expect great things .

产品详情 Details


Technical Introduction:

New generation fluidic manifold used in IVD instruments with flexible design, good thermal and chemical stability.

Technical Parameter:

Can replace the large range of ammeter for current measurement


high cost


Widely used to expand the measuring current range of the instrument, there are fixed fixed value shunt and precision alloy resistor, can be used for communication system, electronic machine, automatic control of the power supply circuit for current limiting, current sampling detection.

Usecase Analysis:

New generation fluidic manifold used in IVD instruments with flexible design, good thermal and chemical stability.

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