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Hochuen Medical offers precision die cutting and stamping with microchannels as small as 500 micrometer wide. Rotary die cutting is also available.


Precision die cutting is a very complex work of transforming non-metallic rolls or sheets into die cut parts or custom gaskets. It does this with excellent accuracy and speed. Moreover, it is a more popular option due to being cost-effective.

Benefits of Die Cutting

Precision die cutting comes with numerous benefits, as mentioned before. The most admirable ability is its precise cutting action that results in high-quality die cut parts. That's not all. Along with precision, such a form of die cutting is quite fast, giving industry-changing solutions for the production of die cuts and custom gaskets.

The precision die cutting process involves consistently feeding non-metallic components into equipment of die cutting. The result is quality die cut parts that also have great uniformity. This fact doesn't change in higher volumes.

Components of Precision Die Cutting

There can be different types of components for precision die cutting. However, most processes consist of common things such as the die, die cutting machine, gasket mater, and CNC equipment.

Steel Rule Dies: Made with strong and steady strip of hardened steel, steel rule dies are able to cut any sheets into a specific design. Steel rule dies are one of the least expensive dies amongst the most used options. If you're required die cut parts do not have to be highly tolerant and strong, then steel rule dies are a great option and one of the most used when it comes to precision die cutting.

Solid Milled Dies: For consistent die cutting, heat-treated solid steel are used as solid milled dies. In comparison with steel rule dies, these are better options as they can offer less distortion. Even though they are a bit costlier than steel rule dies , they offer more accuracy.

Matched Metal Dies: If the die cut parts are required to have very tight tolerances, using matched metal dies is the smarter approach. It is also known as male / female dies. Compared to steel rule dies and solid milled dies, matched metal dies are more expensive.

Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary die cutting is a process similar to precision die cutting. It is used for converting components through a press machine. Rotary die cutting is pretty unique compared to other forms of die cutting as it uses cylindrical dies.

Rotary die cutting is used for a number of different components that include paper, plastic, fabric, foam, etc.

Components of Rotary Die Cutting

For a successful project with rotary die cutting, you have to ensure that you know the specifications of the device you are using and you chose the right materials to use. Moreover, you must consider the total cost of the project. Here are the kind of dies used for rotary cutting dies:

Flexible Dies: Flexible dies are cheap and made of thin metal. Compared to solid dies, they are also easier to produce. However, solid dies are still more popular these days.

Solid Dies: When it comes to rotary die cutting, solid dies are mostly used. Solid dies can be manufactured with a range of different types of metals. These are also suitable for deeper penetration and better dies.

Hochuen Die Cutting

Die cutting doesn't only depend on a quality device but also relies on the experience of an expert. At Hochuen, we have the right people that can ensure your project's success with precise use of die cutting technology and years of experience in the industry.

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Laser cutting
Laser cutting

Laser cutting

Technical Introduction:

Laser machining can be either used for prototyping or high precision cutting on thin film materials with a microchannel as small as 100 micrometer wide.

Technical Parameter:

Precise size, not easy to deform, fast speed, smooth cutting surface


Not all materials can be used laser cutting processing, different laser machine cutting different materials


Proofing of chip Build; Or precision cutting

Usecase Analysis:

Laser machining can be either used for prototyping or high precision cutting on thin film materials with a microchannel as small as 100 micrometer wide. 

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